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Many people train for a fight, but most people never train for the worst to happen. If there is an exchange of gunfire between you and a home-invader, or an attacker on the street, there is a very real possibility of you or a family member being wounded in the exchange. Imagine defending your home against an armed intruder, and then realizing that your spouse or child had been wounded during the incident. You can stand there, panic and wait until the first responders arrive, or your can act and drastically increase the chance of survival. 

This course is designed to train common, everyday people the crucial techniques needed to sustain life until more adequate care arrives. There is nothing fancy being taught here. I am going to provide you with hands-on training on simple, emergency trauma techniques that I have had to actually apply to wounded soldiers in combat. Whether you are defending your home, or you are caught in the middle of an active-shooter scenario, these are simple life-sustaining procedures that can make a difference in a tragic situation.  


1. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of common forms of trauma that are most likely seen after a gunfight.

  • Blood Loss

  • Shock


2. Basic wound care.

  • Bandages and Wraps

  • Pressure Dressings

  • Hemostatic Agents (Celox, QuikClot, HemCon)

  • Tourniquets- Adults vs Children

  • Chest Seals


3. How to Prevent and Treat Shock.

4. Preparing the Patient and the Location for First Responders

5. Planning for Trauma

  • Common Household Items That Can Be Used to Treat Trauma

  • Personal Medical Kits or IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)

  • Vehicle Medical Bags

This class is designed to give you simple and effective tools that you could use to save and sustain life. You do not have to just stand there and panic while your loved-one bleeds out. There are very simple yet crucial steps you could take to help. 

COST: $150

WHEN: I teach these courses as they are requested so contact me and we will work out a date and time that fits your schedule.

WHERE: I can teach this course either at my classroom in Denver or I can come to you if there are multiple students.

HOW DO YOU SIGN UP: Click on the link below and email me a detailed message. We will discuss how to get you trained! You can also call me at 720-955-9624.

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