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Your home is your castle, and what you keep within your castle is your most prized possession: your family. Just as you would prepare for a fire or tornado, in today’s dynamic world, preparing to defend your home is just as important. Whether defending from a burglar, violent intruder, or an armed mob, you need to have a plan in place, ready to execute at a moment’s notice. My decades of combat training and experience will empower you with the confidence and knowledge to defend your home and your family if the worst ever happens.

PREPARING YOUR HOME: How to prevent an attack before it happens.

SETTING UP A DEFENSE: How to establish a defensive plan, shoot/no shoot zones, safe rooms, hiding places, cover and concealment, as well as what you children should do.

CLOSE QUARTERS BATTLE: How to fight and win in a close quarters fight. How to fight as a team to overcome a threat.

EQUIPMENT SELECTION: Considering all firearms, ammunition, and additional equipment necessary for defending your home.

ACTIONS AFTER THE BATTLE: The fight does not stop when the threat is gone. What is said to first responders can have life long consequences.

COST: $150


HOW DO YOU SIGN UP? This course is by request only. Contact me and we will work out a date and time that works for you.

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